With over 20 years combined experience our team of graphic & digital designers behind them, We Do Media was established as a comprehensive solution for those seeking professional digital media campaign designs. We Do Media is effectively covering all the angles required to deliver highly effective digital campaigns through a multitude of platforms from print to online digital. Working with major brands across many sectors including the motor trade, hospitality, leisure & retail We Do Media are at home working with large and small clients. Whether its working with multiple teams to deliver a complex digital campaign or advising a small business owner on ways to connect with the right audience through their use of social media, We Do Media has it covered. WeDoMedia came to us because they were struggling with their content creation process. They were so busy running their business that they didn’t have time to sit down and create content every week. Social media was starting to become a headache. It had been months since they last posted, leaving a bad first impression on visitors to their page. Now we provide WeDoMedia with original content on a weekly basis for Facebook and Linkedin. We actively monitor their pages daily and have seen a huge increase in engagement since we started.
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