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Building Trust And Credibility With Social Proof Marketing

Based in Dún Laoghaire, Falcon Media is one of Ireland’s leading digital design agencies specializing in website development, digital marketing, mobile, and web design. Although a well-established company, Falcon Media had primarily relied on PPC advertising to drive traffic to their website and reach new customers. The company lacked a social media presence and asked us to help them grow their following, create original and engaging content, and promote their business with paid social ads. 

Our aim with any new client is to help them reach over 1,000 followers.

The number of likes and followers is crucial for businesses that want to build a stronger social media presence. The number of likes and followers a page has acts as social proof to help build trust and credibility with potential customers. Social proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses. The idea is that since so many other people behave in a certain way, it must be the correct behavior. We decided that the best strategy to increase their followers and build brand awareness was to use social proof marketing to promote their business, build trust and credibility. 


By the end of the 2nd month, Falcon Media had: 


  • 1,444 Followers On Instagram 
  • 1,000 Facebook Followers
  • 7 Leads From Facebook Advertising Campaigns 
  • 25 Organic Leads from their website through social media
  • 1,100 visitors from their social media channels to their website

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