How To Generate Leads Using Instagram Message

How To Generate Leads Using Instagram Direct Message

By Cian Kelly

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A comprehensive social media strategy can have dramatic impacts on your business goals, whether that be to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or influence your audience. However,  developing a marketing strategy on social media platforms can be extremely nuanced. With so many opportunities to reach your target audience, it can be challenging to know where to begin.  In this article, we are going to share our tips for maximizing Instagram’s direct message feature (or Instagram DMs) to amplify your brand message and reach your audience directly.

Connecting directly

On platforms such as Instagram, it can be difficult for brands to cut through the noise to reach their target audience or consumer.  In addition, it can also be difficult for Instagram users to feel a strong connection to your brand through public-facing content such as Posts and Stories.  Connecting with potential customers and existing followers through direct messages is an impactful strategy and can make sure to personify your brand online.  But before sending that DM, it is important to develop a relationship with that user by following, engaging on their posts, and receiving positive feedback from them by way of likes, comments and shares.

Utilizing Instagram Direct Message for business purposes is a delicate balance of self-promotion and ensuring you do not act as spam and risk having your account blocked or flagged. This is an excellent strategy for businesses whose success requires them to cultivate new clients or e-commerce shops that cater to a niche consumer.

Contests and promotions

When using Instagram DMs as a sales tactic, it is important to keep the consumer’s perspective in mind. It is important for your DMs to deliver value to your audience. There are a number of ways to deliver value through direct messaging including contesting, exclusive coupons, special offers, discounts and promoting a new product.  These tactics help to increase engagement and encourage audience loyalty through valuable interactions.

Another way brands can exemplify value to their audience through Instagram DMs is by helping to mitigate concerns and customer service issues.  For many consumers, social media is their primary access to a brand, business or product. By remaining receptive and responsive to customer service issues on social media, brands continue to exemplify the value their audience receives by following them on a platform such as Instagram.


Even for the most skilled social media strategists, understanding how to effectively target your audience in a directly impactful way can be challenging. Instagram DM is a great way to help break down the barriers of traditional Instagram interactions to develop a personal and meaningful connection with your most engaged follower accounts. Whether you are a large brand, small e-commerce business, or online influencer, there is a wide variety of ways that you can connect and engage with your followers through Instagram Direct Messages. However, like all direct to consumer content marketing, it is important to be strategic and thoughtful before sliding into someone’s DM.

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