5 Social Media Tips Every Small Business Should Know

5 Social Media Tips Every Small Business Should Know

By Cian Kelly

Own a business?


Then you’ve probably heard of how beneficial a social media business account can be. It gives your business a direct channel to communicate with your target audience. However, you must be careful how you use it. After all, in using social media, you’re putting your brand’s reputation on display for all to see. But don’t worry. We’re here to help. 


In this article we’re going to share 5 social media tips to guide your business towards social media success. Learn how to use social media to grow your business, with social media best practices, right here in this guide.


Know What You Want

First you have to ask yourself what you hope to accomplish on social media. What are your business goals? Are you trying to generate more leads, boost customer engagement, or get email subscribers? Are you trying to increase online sales, website traffic, or foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar locations?


We recommend choosing your top 3 goals that are most important to your business. Then create a social media strategy that will help you to achieve them.


Make Your Brand a Person, Not a Thing

One of the best things to use social media for is to give your brand a personality. Few platforms allow you to speak, listen, and respond to your target audience as with social media. 


It’s a great way to develop your brand’s voice and a great place to tell its story. You can actually interact with your audience as a person, not just a company. In this way, you develop real, meaningful relationships with your existing and potential customers.

Get to Know Your Audience

Furthermore, while your audience learns who you are, you’ll learn more about them as well. Social media is the easiest place to listen to your public.
Find out who they are, demographically speaking. Become aware of the problems they are having with you or your competitors. 
Also, learn their needs. What would they like to see more of in your business? Find the answer on your social media account.

Solve Problems

Speaking of your customers’ problems, social media might be the place to solve them. If they have an issue that can be resolved by communication, solve it where everyone can see. 
Then, everyone viewing your social media account can see how attentive, responsive, respectful, and helpful you are. This is excellent for building your brand’s reputation.

Don’t Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

That said, when addressing social media complaints, be careful that you don’t do your reputation more harm than good. Never lose your temper when responding. Always treat every social media visitor with respect. 
Also, be decerning about when a problem should be solved privately versus out in the open.

Remember These Social Media Business Ideas

By following these tips, your social media account will be everything you hoped it would be and more. Likewise, take care not to ignore the included warnings of social media misuse.

To help you remember, bookmark or save this page as a quick reference guide. Then, put these social media business ideas into practice at your company.

Lastly, you don’t have to go it alone. Click here to see how we can help with social media management.

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